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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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enlarged, which I would not take the trouble to do for so slight and extempore a performance.
1774.   Wrote an introduction to, and a parody of, Lord Chesterfield's three first Letters.
At the beginning of this year wrote my answer to Mr. Masters' Remarks in the Archaologia. In July wrote the verses on The Three Vernons.
1775.   In February wrote the Epilogue to Bragansa*, and three letters to the author, Mr. Jephson, on Tragedy.
1777.   In  April my nephew.  Lord Orford, went mad again, and was under my care, but as he had employed a lawyer,  of whom I had a bad opinion, in his affairs, I refused to take care of them.
1778.   Lord Orford recovering in March, I gave up the care of him.
1778.   In  June was acted Nature will Prevail,  at the little theatre in the Haymarket, with success.    At the end of July wrote my answer to the editor of Chatterton's Works.
1779.   In the preceding autumn had written a defence of myself against the unjust aspersions in the Preface to the Miscellanies of Chatterton.    Printed 200 copies at Strawberry Hill this January, and gave  them  away.    It was much enlarged from what I had written in July.
At the end of May wrote a Commentary and Notes to Mr. Mason's later poems.
[Here Horace Walpole's Notes endj the continuation is su/pplied ly the Editor.]
1779. February. Sale of the Houghton pictures to the Empress of Kussia.
July. Death of the Duke of Ancaster, who wished to marry Walpole's great-niece, Lady Horatia Waldegrave.
August.   Walpole concluded the purchase of a house in